Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Man on the Bridge

February 2, 2012

Today a man blocked traffic on the Arthur Ravenel bridge for several hours. The bridge was shut down for several hours in a stand off with him. Police did not know of his intentions. On his car he had written "Game Over", "Stay Away", "Back Off" and "Happy Now". From what was written it is obvious to me that he was at the end of his rope, wanted others to intervene, and did this to make a point to another human being.

While this took place this afternoon I was at work. Of course as a free thinking species we all had our own view points on the matter due to our emotional responses to the situation at hand.  There seemed to be a common feeling amongst my fellow co-workers however; I seemed to be the odd ball out. For me personally, this man seemed to have hit a rock bottom which is something still very fresh in my memory and experience. As things were said such as: "This man is sick." (in a very condescending tone), "I would beat the shit out him.", "Why don't the cops just shoot him already?", and other things of this nature I thought to myself does no one have empathy for him or remorse for the things on which we have done in the past?

It is a very tragic situation for all involved. For me it actually turned out to be positive because no one could come into Mount Pleasant (where my business of occupation is located) and come dine the last few minutes before my shift ended and I have never had a smoother ride home during 5 o'clock traffic. I continue to challenge myself and all who read my blog to look at the opposite side of our gut instinct before passing judgement on others.

Btw in 2007, this man was awarded the LifeSavingAward from the Charleston Rescue Squad.
( I am not stating he is of no faults. Not one of us is but the point is, that we really know nothing of others lives and it is just as negative for others when we judge them as for ourselves.

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  1. SO true. We never know what someone's going through; you and I are both examples of that. Tragically, the only ones who are able to cast ACCURATE judgment on us, is ourselves (hope that's semi-good I feel that bridge has seen many casualties. One new year, I actually witnessed a jumper's body being brought of the water. I was bewildered and shocked. Not by the fact someone actually jumped, but by the fact someone saw him climbing and just watched him jump; talking down has yet to work in Chas. I believe. Once you get to the top of the that bridge, there's no changing your mind, its high! It also shows just how quickly life can turn around; foam in the glass one minute and the next you're the lees.